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introduces our new on-air radio team and reports on our evangelistic series in Hong Kong. Plus our annual catalog of books, CDs, and DVDs.   Click here
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Digging Up the Past - Free online set of 12 lessons based on archaeological discoveries. (Available by postal mail only in the South Pacific.)  Click here for online course Or purchase printed lessons from our Bookstore (see left).
Focus on Living Bible Guides - Answers to questions about peace, God, the Bible, faith,  suffering, and more. Click here
Website for Kids - Lots of cool stuff - games, puzzles, stories, and more:
Bible Stories Online - For kids, and adults too. Listen now
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Music Scrapbook:  A quarter-hour program every weekend. Selections by Del Delker, the King's Heralds, and others, with commentary by Wayne Hooper.  Click to listen
"LifeQuest: In Search of the Life Giver" - Mike Tucker assists you on your journey to genuine spirituality. Click here
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Proclaiming Freedom - Read Connie Jeffery's message.  Click here
"A Tale of Two Friends" - View Connie Jeffery's video tribute about the friendship between Paul Harvey and her father, George Vandeman. Click here
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Study the Book of Revelation -Audio, video, and text help you understand each chapter of the last book of the Bible Click here
Sharing New Beginnings. Personal thoughts from Associate Speaker Connie Vandeman Jeffery.  Click here
View a recording sesion.
View another recording sesion.
Vegetarian Recipes - In our Health section. Click here
"Creation Week" Animation - From LifeTalk   Watch now
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